If you’re a fairly intermediate Android user you will would have come accross the term “APK” or files with extention “.apk”. These are quite simply the installation package for the particular app/application/program you are trying to install.

These are fairly hidden from the average user as most app installations are done via the Google PlayStore and by default the system does not allow the user to execute and install APK files because an APK file containing a virus could severely compromise the system. The system doesn’t even allow to extract the APK files of already installed apps by default as it posses a security threat for inexperienced users.

How To Enable Installation From Unknown Sources?

Newer Android versions like Android 8 or above will give users a simple prompt to enable the installation when executed. This is not always the case, so we have to manually enable installation from unknown sources. These steps or instructions may vary so take it as a general guideline. You can always use the search feature generally implemented inside the settings app on most devices.

  1. Open Settings
  2. Go Under Security
  3. Tap On Enable Installation From Unknown or Third Party Sources

It’s that simple on most devices but on others it might not be so just do a Google search or DuckDuckGo if you’re into protecting your privacy and shit.


Be very careful as APK files are really easy to modify and most Mod APKs are riddled with viruses, even experts are fooled sometimes so don’t download and install any software if you don’t know what you’re doing. Better to stick just to the PlayStore and Open Source alternatives like Aurora Store and F-Droid if you’re an absolute beginner in this playing field.

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