Make Telegram Look Like WhatsApp

Hey everyone in this post I’ll show you how you can make your Telegram App look almost identical to WhatsApp. Unlike WhatsApp Telegram supports Third-Party themes. So we’ll just apply it just by clicking on a simple link. Sorry I didn’t provide the theme’s previews here, I’m writing this really quickly but not to worry when you click on the link Telegram will give you a preview and you can choose if you want to apply it.

Quick Note: The theme is only for the Mobile versions of Telegram. It doesn’t work on the Desktop Client and I haven’t tested it on iOS devices, if anyone does so please let me know in the comments.

1. Retro Green

This theme is just the default Android WhatsApp’s theme nothing very special.(Sorry I’m just sick of seeing this everyday and it’s just really boring for me). If you click on the link here and it doesn’t open Telegram and show you the preview don’t worry just copy the link and open up Telegram and sent the link to someone and then click on the link inside of Telegram itself(I have no idea why they haven’t fixed such issues yet. It does happen sometimes, fortunately there is a workaround).


2. Dark Theme

This is just the default dark theme on the Android version of WhatsApp.


3. iOS-ish Theme

This theme looks very similar to the iOS WhatsApp but it’s not perfect. I personally like this over the above two themes. This theme looks tremendously better to my eyes even though it’s light mode. The design is just so good.


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