I love watching anime the only problem I had was that I couldn’t afford premium streaming websites. I looked on and on for many days to find many ways to watch anime for free. Here are some of the ones I like and use on a regular basis.

1. KissCartoon

KissCartoon not only has almost every anime but also other animated cartoons and movies(Only animated). This was one of the first sites I discovered and I’ve been using it ever since then. I’ve provided two domains of KissCartoon that I know of. Try out the other if one is not working because your ISP blocked it or something. If both of it doesn’t work try using a VPN and changing your location.

2. 9Anime

9Anime came under my radar after a long while. It maybe the best out there for only anime because unlike KissCartoon, 9Anime doesn’t have other animated content only anime. There are many domains I found to access 9Anime. So again if one doesn’t work try out the others. If all of them don’t work just use a VPN.

3. Telegram

If you can’t find the show/content you’re looking for just search in Telegram I’m pretty sure you could find it there. If not even Telegram can help you then Google it and find it yourself… 🙂

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